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UX Case Study – Dhaka Metro Rail App


Yasin Arafat Rasel

User Research, Interaction, Brand Asset Design, Visual Design, Prototyping & Testing, Product Design

Tools: Pen + Paper, Miro, Trello, Adobe CC, Figma, FigJam

Case Study Overview


Dhaka Metro is the largest rapid transit system in Dhaka Bangladesh adjoining areas to reduce traffic congestion and improve the environment and is operated by Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL)

D-Metro App is a comprehensive solution, that helps users to purchase metro tickets, Fare information, search metro routes, view metro station details, recharge metro cards, search nearest metro stations… basically everything related to Dhaka Metro.


We analyzed the user pain points and problems that this list might make easier for users.
  • Search the nearest metro station
  • Purchase Ticket
  • Directions or route
  • Metro Card/Subscription Card
  • Easy Payment/Refund

Role & Responsibilities

We (Yasin, Mahmud Khairul, Sajid Saadat, Mihad Choudhury, Anam Raisa, Shamima, Imtiaz Ahmed, Arafath Hossain, Redowan, Raihan Kibria, Humaira Islam, Mahamuda) conducted an extensive investigation and UX research into the Dhaka Metro rail service. We wrote the entire product case study. including pen and paper research, user research, and user interviews, as well as the UI Screens and UX approaches required to provide the maximum possible user experience.

Research Goal

Design a seamless experience to users to purchase metro tickets, Fare information, search metro routes, view metro station details, recharge metro cards, search nearest metro stations… basically everything related to Dhaka Metro. with a minimal amount of steps.

UX Design Methods:

User research is a crucial step in developing products that can truly add value to consumers. User experience (UX) design is the process design teams use to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.



Research Your Users’ Needs



State Your Users’ Needs and Problems



Challenge Assumptions and Create Ideas



Start to Create Solutions



Try Your Solutions Out

Understanding the user:

Knowing the user groups | What kinds of people will use the app/product?​

We find out our Ultimate users to understand their need and their problem, when we get the users we can efficiently sort the all problem into a small list. that will help us to find out solutions for each user group.

After research, we’ve figured out he following user group will use the Dhaka Metro service,

  • Students
  • Service holder
  • Business group
  • Differently abled people
  • Office workers
  • Compartment for women and gender-diverse people
  • Senior Citizens
  • No ticket/half ticket for kids 3 years old or below

User Persona

Business Model Canvas

“A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value.”

— Alexander Osterwalder, Co-creator of the Business Model Canvas
Visual Design:

Brand Style Guide & UI Elements

The first stage of branding was to absorb, share and analyze various information. We dived deep into our product goals, vision, and brand equity.

As result, for the high-fidelity design phase. We’ve designed the necessary components and style guides for the product’s brand personality on Figma with variations to quickly flesh out the design.

Component Library kit - Dhaka Metro

User Flow Maps & Information Architecture

A user flow is a path a user follows to complete a particular task. This path includes steps from entry (such as logging in) to task completion (such as creating a profile). Creating user flows is one of the early stages of the product design process and usually precedes any kind of visual design.

As result, after researching on entire product journey, we’ve created user journey maps and information architects for “Dhaka Metro” APP.

Hand Sketch Wireframe

In this stage, We’ve sketched out the low-fidelity screen to visualize the ideas. Here we’ve tried to depict the most important screens of the app journey.

Final Design Figma Preview

Hi-fidelity Design Mockup UI

Onboarding & Sign-Up, Sing-In _ Dhaka Metro
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